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Cut your operations costs by digitising your taxi dispatch processes, and provide covered clients with convenient, trustworthy mobility to their home or accommodation at a fair market price for you.

Key benefits for Insurers and Assistance

One contract

to manage all your mobility providers

Digital Transformation

streamlined booking, tracking and settling


Great client experience

driver tracking, status notifications

How it works

Your tools and apps: we connect your existing agent and clients applications to our marketplace so our mobility partners can be booked on client service and self-service channels.

how it works

Supply Aggregation: we build a global network of trustful mobility providers delivering diverse sustainable options to choose from and competitive price.

Features for Assistance

Features for Assistance

Journey on screen

Front Office integration

By connecting Karhoo API to your information system, your agents can organise transport for covered clients that matches both their contract and your policies, in just a few clicks within the tool they already know.
Note: our standalone Agent Booker can used ahead of an integration.

Journey on screen

Competitive pricing

Long term price agreements with selected providers cannot guarantee a fair market price at any given time. Karhoo gives access to a dynamic marketplace that delivers on average 5 quotes per request.

traveller booker ehailing

Strong geographical coverage

Gain access to fleets all over the country and globe. By signing up multiple fleets and PHVs we cover remote areas as well as higher populated areas both at home and abroad.

traveller booker ehailing

Streamlined operations

Karhoo platform will allow you to book ground transport in a few clicks for your clients and track individual cases, if required. It also automate payments and delivers financial and operational data on organised trips.  

Variety of choice

Variety of choice

Multiple fleets bidding for each journey ensures full transparency, no need to call multiple fleets to get the best offer. Choose between a selection of car types, prices and service levels to suit all journey types.

Variety of choice

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